Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells For Two

Sounding The Bells For Two

Article by Ian Cuthbertson

From The Australian 10/9/10 p.16:

Mike Oldfield’s seminal 1973 instrumental album Tubular Bells is the inspiration for a two-man performance that is part musical, part acrobatic. Tubular Bells for Two sees local musicians Aidan Roberts and Daniel Holdsworth nimbly don, shed, swap and occasionally toss the many acoustic and electric instruments required to deliver the 45-minute work in its entirety.

“It’s about nursing two guitars at once, zooming over to a different keyboard, or getting behind a drumkit in a heartbeat,” Holdsworth says.

On Sunday it will be staged for just the fourth time, at the Vanguard, Newtown, as part of the Sydney Fringe.

Roberts likens the show to Charles Ross’s One-Man Star Wars Trilogy, in which the comedian voices every character in the sprawling film series. “We condense something quite nostalgic for some people down to its essence, and we have the flexibility to make it fresh every time,” he says.

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