Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells For Two

Daniel Holdsworth


 Fender Thinline Telecaster electric guitar, Gibson SG electric guitar, Roland SH-201 synthesizer, piano, classical guitar, drums, glockenspiel, Nord Electro organ, Hofner bass, vocals, kazoo, loop station, VOX AC30, Fender Twin Reverb, tubular bells.

Daniel is a composer and multi-instrumentalist. A graduate in Composition and Music Technology, he has toured in many Australian bands and has composed music for film, television, theatre and dance.

He was the guitarist/singer/songwriter in the award-winning Sydney-based band, The Saturns, has regularly appeared with The Maple Trail and also tours as a solo artist.

In film, Daniel composed the soundtrack to the 2013 feature film, William Yang: My Generation, numerous short films, and has worked as an assistant composer on several features. He has been a performer and musical director for theatre productions, including My Generation and Hansel and Gretel, as well as composing scores for numerous dance productions.