Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells For Two



Review: Festival of Colour, Wanaka, New Zealand

From: http://www.onmag.co.nz/gig-review-tubular-bells-for-two-at-the-festival-of-colour/ Gig Review: Tubular Bells for Two at the Festival of Colour One album. Two men. Too many instruments. Aidan Roberts and Daniel Holdsworth enthralled the audience at the Central Lakes Trust Crystal Palace with their performance of Mike Oldfield’s seminal work Tubular Bells. In cramped conditions on a tiny[...]


Review: Edinburgh Evening News

By LIAM RUDDEN Published on Wednesday 8 August 2012 14:20 MIKE Oldfield had the stage thrown into darkness before playing Tubular Bells at the Edinburgh Playhouse, more years ago than I now care to 
remember. His entrance, however, was given away by the orange glow from his cigarette. A roar[...]


Review: The Scotsman

Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells for Two – Assembly George Square (Venue 3) Review by Jim Gilchrist Star rating: * * * * * Sick of watching Olympians? Head for George Square to see two barefoot Australians undergo the musical equivalent of the triathlon – with bells on. Daniel Holdsworth and[...]


Review: Broardway Baby – Edinburgh Fringe – Bell-issimo

By Larry Bartleet Mike Oldfield’s critically and commercially successful prog-rock album ‘Tubular Bells’ has been lovingly recreated by Daniel Holdsworth and Aidan Roberts as a live, two-man performance. It’s a timeless LP, an hour-long musical odyssey which flows more like a classical work than almost any other album of popular[...]


Review: Herald Scotland

Review by Rob Adams Published on 10 August 2012 Half-way through their show, Daniel Holdsworth and Aidan Roberts stop to “turn the record over”. They’re joking. These Aussies aren’t miming. Quite the contrary; they’re working their fingers to the bone, pressing flesh to frets, keys and drumstick, often two of[...]