Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells For Two


Review: Portsmouth Festivities 2013

REVIEW: Tubular Bells for Two at the Kings Theatre, Southsea

Multi-instrumentalists Daniel Holdsworth and Aidan Roberts

Multi-instrumentalists Daniel Holdsworth and Aidan Roberts

  • by Alan Cooper
  • alan...@thenews.co.uk

TWO people doing the work of one may sound easy, but this show was an astounding accomplishment.

Multi-instrumentalists Daniel Holdsworth and Aidan Roberts more than matched the audacity of trailblazer Mike Oldfield, who single-handedly created his multi-layer magnum opus over many months in a recording studio in 1973.

Racing from guitar to keyboards to drums and the inevitable Tubular Bells, Daniel and Aidan perfectly recreated part of the soundrack to the 1970s, still clearly treasured by many in the full house at The Kings.

I still find the opening movement chilling, with its connections to The Exorcist movie. The way the work builds organically from movement to movement, with lulls and crescendos encompassing prog rock and new-age frippery, means it is well worth hearing anew 40 years after its inception.

In a nod to this retro feel, an announcer entoned: ‘There will now be an interval of 20 minutes while we turn the record over.’

‘Side two’ was entrancing, with its Piltdown Man rock-out – I’m sure I even detected a kazoo in the tumult.

Fantastic to listen to, riveting to watch. Daniel and Aidan, have hit on a winner with this format, presented as part of the Portsmouth Festivities.


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