Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells For Two


TB42 Blue Mountains Season – July 2012

In April 2009, two Blue Mountains’ musicians took the stage at the Clarendon in Katoomba to debut a unique performance of Mike Oldfield’s 1973 masterpiece, Tubular Bells. The twist? With only the four hands and four feet between them, they performed the entire album live on over twenty instruments.

Since then, Daniel and Aidan have gone on to mesmerise sell-out audiences internationally and around Australia, and now the boys are briefly returning home for a very special performance back where it all began.

The Katoomba season will have two performances :
Thursday 5th July, 2012
Friday 6th July, 2012

Tickets $35 (+ BF)
Dinner and show $77 (+BF)

To book tickets go to:

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